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​From inquiry to completion.

① Please write specifically what kind of plan you have.

(Example: new construction plan, renovation, kitchen, furniture)

② Please let us know your desired time.

③ If you have a photo of your favorite image, please attach it.

④ Please let us know the location of the property.

Please let us know the above contents and concretely explain how to proceed in the future.

We will proceed by email and interview.

When you are satisfied with the contents, we will make a contract.

We will proceed to completion.

The fee will be charged at the time of the formal contract,

If you go far away even before the contract, various expenses and transportation expenses will be the actual expenses

Please note that you may be billed at

please give me.

Items to be accepted (spatial design, custom kitchen)

The contents of the contract will change depending on the custom-made furniture and the placed furniture, so we will inform you when you make an inquiry.

after after

​After-sales follow-up

①. In the case of space design

Inspection within 3 months, 6 months, 1 year after delivery

If there is a problem, we will ask the contractor to repair it.

②. In the case of custom kitchen and custom furniture

If there is a problem with daily use

To our company or the factory or manufacturer that made it

I will request repair.

As for the warranty, it is a free warranty for one year after delivery.

I will do it.

(However, it is limited to damage during normal use.)

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